Monday, January 10, 2011

My Color Codes

I've always been a little taken with the Personality Color Codes. I took the test in college, and I find my results to be pretty accurate. Of course, I've changed a bit since then-last time I was pre-marriage, kids, and loads of learning experiences. But I think at the core I remain somewhat the same. My results:

50% Red, and 50% Yellow. No Blue, (maybe there was a sliver in there?) and absolutely no White. I think motherhood and wifehood have forced a little more blue in me, but not much. In discussing these results with a close friend, she revealed that she is 50% Red, and 50% Blue. "Total opposites", she said. "The color combination of most serial killers." she adds jokingly. I guess I can see the opposite thing in blues and reds, but I'm finding that my own color combination doesn't really work hand in hand either. For example:

Red Brooke: I am going to sand this dresser down until it is perfect, and I will stain it to look amazing!

Yellow Brooke: (90% done) Ehh, that's good enough. No one will see that part anyway!

Red Brooke: Kallie, I need to see your homework and you can not leave the table nor will I sign it off until it looks like you're very best handwriting.

Yellow Brooke: (2 minutes later) Ooh, Kallie, come feel the baby! She's kicking!

Red Brooke: Today is a day of health. My family and I will eat only what is healthy for our bodies.

Yellow Brooke: (At the local gas station drive-thru, 1 hour later) Ya, can I get a 32 oz. Diet Coke and a couple of suckers for the kiddos in the back?

Red Brooke: This Activity Day Meeting/Mercy River Rehearsal/Mercy River Schedule Meeting will now come to order. I will be conducting.

Yellow Brooke: (30 seconds later) Oh my gosh, you guys, Kallie said the funniest thing the other day!

The Red Brooke is a go-getter. I am full of ideas, to-do lists, and when faced with a leadership opportunity, I'm all over that. And I'm bossy. Oh, am I bossy. I take charge in most situations, and I think I'm right quite a bit. I fall short on the compassion side and I have a small tolerance for lazy people.

The Yellow Brooke is lazy. And up for a good time-always. I like to laugh which can sometimes lead to distraction and disruptiveness. I forget things, but then don't care that I forget. (Or I forget that I forget!) And the Yellow Brooke doesn't WANT to be in charge. And heaven knows I have a hard time shutting up.

When Jarum and I are choosing a restaurant for date night, the Red Brooke has an opinion and demands her voice to be heard. The Yellow Brooke doesn't care where we go. Sometimes Red wins, but when the Yellow side wins, the Red side gets frustrated. Poor Jarum. The guy can't win.

When Red Brooke gets an idea for a project, she lays out a plan, sets up time, and makes a list of items she'll need to accomplish this project. Yellow Brooke forgets said list when she goes to the store, works until project is 90% done, then gets bored and finds something else to play with.

Do you see my dilemma? My two personalities don't get along! I'm not sure what to do. I welcome all suggestions.

But the Yellow Brooke may not getting around to following them...