Thursday, April 22, 2010

Self-Proclaimed Feminist

In the last couple weeks I've experienced two examples of "Feminism." But first, I must tell you...I am a feminist.

I can explain! This all starts with one of my favorite stories in the Old Testament; The story of Adam and Eve. Here's how I imagine it went down. (And may I not be struck down for putting these thoughts on paper, er, screen.)

Adam and Eve were taught in that Garden. I like to think that, when Eve was faced with the choice to partake of that darned fruit, she outweighed all her options. Knowing what her actual role was, and what was needed to fulfill that role, she made a calculated decision. Satan, thinking he got the better of her, was thrilled at first, but then realized later that he had been tricked. By a woman. She knew what she was doing-he just didn't know that. Satan took his immature revenge on her offspring. And we see the effects of it to this day. Women are definitely viewed as the weaker, or lesser sex. In all honesty, this aftermath doesn't bother me so much. I find more pride in the knowledge that our first Earthly mother got the best of him.

So here were the two examples I alluded to earlier.

1)I heard a news story on the radio about a bunch of "feminists" marching through the streets of Washington-topless. Their reason? Men can walk around without shirts! Why can't women! THEN! (This was the funny part to me), they were angry because a group of men stood around them during the whole ordeal and snapped pictures. Apparently that was crossing some line. (It's not rocket science ladies, take a stab at why you think they were there! Morons.)

2) I just finished reading the book, The Red Tent. (Side note-I'm not sure if I'm recommending the book right now-there are parts that are, as my sister so lovingly put it, icky. So consider yourself warned.) It's about Dinah, the only daughter of Jacob from the Old Testament. Dinah and her four "moms" were strong women. They reveled in being female. The day Aunt Flo comes to visit for the first time is practically a cause for celebration. The ability to carry children is considered a great privilege. Midwives were viewed as God-like. They were able to steer their husband in any direction-all while convincing that husband it was all part of HIS brilliant plan. Men were great and all; I mean, they definitely served a purpose, but these women were so wrapped up in the blessings given solely to them.

So here's my question-
Since when did feminism mean being treated like a man? Why can't women celebrate just being who they are? Isn't that TRUE feminism? I'm asking this because there are things I complain about-that horrid week each month in which I'm crampy and crabby, the pregnancy pains and aftermath to my body, the roles that fall on my lap as the "Housewife and mom". But I'm thinking those are the things we should celebrate. Look at what our bodies can do! Look at how our feelings are so in tune to others! Look at this natural nurturing we have! Look at our ability to multi-task! Look how we can turn our husbands in any direction, while convincing him it was all his idea! And although it's at times a curse, look at our constant need to be better! Are we ever just content with where we are? I would argue that we are not.

I'm not saying that some men don't posses a couple of these same qualities. But I'll be honest, almost every woman I know has almost ALL of these qualities. Maybe we should throw ourselves big parties during that time of the month. (I'm pretty sure a pedicure would solve my grumpies.) And when we've checked off 2 or 3 things off our to-do list, we should have a Dove Dark Chocolate. And next time I'm pregnant, I should find a way to pamper myself at least once a week. (However, I'm pretty sure I'll forget this one.) Because gosh dern it, being a woman is POWER! Ya feel it??

So fellow women-enjoy being a girl. Celebrate all the things we do and CAN do. And for heaven's sakes, keep your shirt on. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Confessions of a Stay At Home Mom

"What did you do today?"

Such an intriguing question. Sometimes it stops me in my tracks, as I think about how much of my day I should share. For example, if I were to describe today;

I did some "housewife" duties-I cleaned out my fridge, and organized my bathroom closet. I made a grocery stop to the ever-popular Walmart. (I'm sure the amount of money I spend there employs at least two people.) And as of this evening, my laundry is now caught up. (And yes, I'm fully aware this status will change by tomorrow morning.)

I did some "mom" duties-changed diapers, cooked a few meals, colored, painted some wicked water-color rainbows, pushed around some cars with Chase...I did some "Mercy River" duties-caught up on our emails, posted a status on our FB account, and I had a conference call with Whit and Soni.

But do I tell him all the in-between stuff? Like, while I was on my way home from the store, the kids fell asleep in the car. So I took the opportunity to practice my interview skills, and I proceeded to have a very intelligent conversation with myself. Or during that small moment when both kids were down for quiet time, I snuck some Easter candy. Then, while I was cleaning the fridge, I had the Food Network on in the background. And after I ate the afore mentioned candy, I saw Giada cooking some yummy Italian, and then I saw her bitsy little body so I stopped cleaning and did 50 crunches. Or when I hit my 4:00 crash moment, I sat on the couch and stared at the ceiling for a good 6 minutes-trying to empty my mind and tune out my children, who were running around said couch.

Do I tell him that at some point today, I DID have makeup on? That I was dressed this morning, but then my shoulder was covered in Peanut Butter, so...and I started doing my hair, but then Chase got into my toothpaste, and I got sidetracked, so hence the current ponytail?

And, do I tell him that getting the mail always makes me a little excited?

I guess I could tell him, but I'm not sure if he would get it. I'm not sure you really understand the life of a stay at home mom until you experience it.

I can tell him about Kallie's many questions, and her too-cute phrases. I can tell him how much Chase loves his golf club, and try to demonstrate his latest cheesy grin. I can tell him how Kallie bit her jelly bean in half, just so Chase could have the other piece. I could tell him how fun it was to snug with Kallie while we watched Enchanted. I can describe Kallie and Chase's game of Kallie shutting the door, Chase knocking on it, Kallie opening it, and Chase saying "Hi!" in his sweet voice.

I can tell him all these things, but again, experiencing it is another ball game. I'm so grateful I get to experience it-all of it. The self-interviews, the couch crashes, the Peanut Butter shirts and ponytails, the mail, singing Enchanted at the top of my lungs with Kallie, getting whacked in the shins by Chase's golf club...I'll be honest, it lacks a bit of glitz and glamour, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.