Monday, April 5, 2010

Confessions of a Stay At Home Mom

"What did you do today?"

Such an intriguing question. Sometimes it stops me in my tracks, as I think about how much of my day I should share. For example, if I were to describe today;

I did some "housewife" duties-I cleaned out my fridge, and organized my bathroom closet. I made a grocery stop to the ever-popular Walmart. (I'm sure the amount of money I spend there employs at least two people.) And as of this evening, my laundry is now caught up. (And yes, I'm fully aware this status will change by tomorrow morning.)

I did some "mom" duties-changed diapers, cooked a few meals, colored, painted some wicked water-color rainbows, pushed around some cars with Chase...I did some "Mercy River" duties-caught up on our emails, posted a status on our FB account, and I had a conference call with Whit and Soni.

But do I tell him all the in-between stuff? Like, while I was on my way home from the store, the kids fell asleep in the car. So I took the opportunity to practice my interview skills, and I proceeded to have a very intelligent conversation with myself. Or during that small moment when both kids were down for quiet time, I snuck some Easter candy. Then, while I was cleaning the fridge, I had the Food Network on in the background. And after I ate the afore mentioned candy, I saw Giada cooking some yummy Italian, and then I saw her bitsy little body so I stopped cleaning and did 50 crunches. Or when I hit my 4:00 crash moment, I sat on the couch and stared at the ceiling for a good 6 minutes-trying to empty my mind and tune out my children, who were running around said couch.

Do I tell him that at some point today, I DID have makeup on? That I was dressed this morning, but then my shoulder was covered in Peanut Butter, so...and I started doing my hair, but then Chase got into my toothpaste, and I got sidetracked, so hence the current ponytail?

And, do I tell him that getting the mail always makes me a little excited?

I guess I could tell him, but I'm not sure if he would get it. I'm not sure you really understand the life of a stay at home mom until you experience it.

I can tell him about Kallie's many questions, and her too-cute phrases. I can tell him how much Chase loves his golf club, and try to demonstrate his latest cheesy grin. I can tell him how Kallie bit her jelly bean in half, just so Chase could have the other piece. I could tell him how fun it was to snug with Kallie while we watched Enchanted. I can describe Kallie and Chase's game of Kallie shutting the door, Chase knocking on it, Kallie opening it, and Chase saying "Hi!" in his sweet voice.

I can tell him all these things, but again, experiencing it is another ball game. I'm so grateful I get to experience it-all of it. The self-interviews, the couch crashes, the Peanut Butter shirts and ponytails, the mail, singing Enchanted at the top of my lungs with Kallie, getting whacked in the shins by Chase's golf club...I'll be honest, it lacks a bit of glitz and glamour, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Heidi Hiller said...

I love it!!
It's never the same telling it... you really do need to experience it!! Aren't we lucky!!?? :)

Brooke and Jonny said...

I like this, it makes me excited for the little one coming!

Mitzi said...

So true! There is NOTHING better than getting to experience all the little moments throughout the day. I am constantly cracking up at all the funny little things that happen during the day. I love it that Kallie and Chase have so much fun together. What cute kids!

Kierstin said...

Amen :) That's funny that you talk to yourself... me too! AND, I too have a 'crash' time in the afternoon when I sit down among the chaos and just veg out in front of a decorating or a cooking show... this gets me revved up to actually cook dinner and finish cleaning my house/managing my family. I think you're so cute for noticing the little sweet things abut your family, that's what makes life worth living, eh? love ya. xo

The Donigans said...

Amen sista!

Lisa Sprague said...

Yep. That says it all!

The Smoots said...

Your so cute! Ha ha I love how true this post is!!! Your such a good mommy!

Makell said...

Sweet post! I had to laugh when you said that you get excited to get the mail because, as sad as that is, I look forward to it each day, too. (It's usually just junk and bills, but occasionally you get something good)

The stuff you mentioned with the kids is exactly what makes it so worth it to be home with them. Plus, If anyone can pull of the pony tail -peanut butter look, it is you!

Melanie said...

Again - beautifully written :)